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Hi! Our names are Sarah and Megan and we are SO glad that you have found your way to our store.

Have you ever wandered around an event where local vendors have tents setup and they have brought some of their greatest creations or favorite finds? We LOVE those kind of events, finding unique items and getting to learn the story behind their passion project. Inspiration Created is a passion project of Difference Created (our first business adventure). We want this online store to give you the same feel -  awesome finds, custom pieces, and stories that inspire!


Inspired to create change

All of our products are purposed to support those creating a difference, but this collection was created to benefit some organizations and causes that are near and dear to our hearts.

I’m Inspired to Create Change


Inspired to be creative

We want you to be inspired by color, sound, and textures. This collection lets you buy items from the creative minds of others or put your own creativity to use and make something of your own!

I’m Inspired to be Creative


Inspired to spread love

Who doesn’t love a sweet reminder that someone was thinking about you? Everyone could use a little more love and this collection helps you share it with your friends, family, and yourself!

I”m Inspired to Spread Love

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Custom Family, Business, or Event Word Art

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Product Details
This handmade wooden 20"x 24" carved piece is 100% customized to you! Use the piece to gather your inside jokes, best memories, and important dates in one place.
How it Works: You provide us with 25 words or short phrases that mean something to the theme of the piece. We will take what you send and create an image draft that will be sent to you for approval. Once you approve the image, we will begin carving it. Please note: due to the custom nature of this piece and the approval of the created image, the processing time on this piece will take longer than most of our other pieces (generally 7-10 business days depending on approval time).
Samples to help (you are not limited to these topics or suggestions, the 25 words can be about whatever you would like):

- Both Family Names
- Both Spouse NamesZ
- Date of Wedding
- Date of First Date
- Date of Engagement
- First Date Spot
- Favorite Local Spot
- Best vacation place
- Inside Jokes
- Wedding Words (Love, Eternity, Forever, We Do, I Do, Happily Ever After, Best Friends)


- Parents First Names
- Last Name(s)
- Kids Names
- Number of Kids
- Pets Names
- Grandparents Names
- Important People to the Family
- First Home Street Name
- Cities Lived In
- Best Vacations
- Inside Jokes


- Business Name
- Date Started
- Location(s)
- Motto
- Milestones
- Owners Name(s)
- Company Values
- Company Mission (if short)

The sign will come with a D Ring attached to the back for hanging it.
This product is handmade with love, but that also means that it may not match the product preview exactly. We like that each of our pieces end up being a little unique to each customer! This also means that production time takes a little longer. Please allow 10-14 business days for production and arrival.


If you are interested in a custom piece please contact us. We would LOVE the chance to create something amazing with you!

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