About Us


Why We Started Our Business

In 2015, two friends working for the same company, decided that we wanted more for our lives than just the daily grind of the corporate world and so…. WE QUIT OUR JOBS! We quit the comfort of knowing what our paychecks were going to be every two weeks, paid vacations, bonus opportunities and knowing exactly what you were working on every day. We got some crazy looks (and some less than supportive comments), but we were determined. We didn’t know exactly how everything would work, but we wanted the opportunity to try our hand at something of our own and create a life that we were totally happy with. We both have learned that life is short, so there is no time better than TODAY to create a job you love and a lifestyle you can be proud of!

We wanted to create a business that inspires people, gives us (and others) the ability for us to give back to communities and causes that are important to us, and spread hope to people around the world. Passionate about working with non-profits and small businesses, we enjoy helping people and organizations, on their own journey to make a difference, grow their business and create the dreams they are passionate about.

We knew it wouldn’t be easy, but we knew WE HAD TO TRY! Our business has evolved a little each year. We didn’t have investors or a business loan, so we started by taking a lot of different types of work knowing, as we grew and had the ability focus more on our passion, we would. We are lucky that, in 2019, we were able to launch our Inspiration Created line, which is a passion project creating handmade goods that support causes near to our hearts. Not only do we get to work behind the scenes of organizations changing the face of their communities, we also get to make pieces that support these causes and bring a reminder to each home and business they are displayed in.

Who We Are

SARAH GIBSON. With a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunication/Fine Arts (with a concentration in graphic design and photography) from Indiana University, I have drawn from my experiences to drive the web design and branding services for Difference Created. My whole life I have had a desire to help others in need, from life guarding to volunteering at a special needs summer camp. After September 11th I began working for America’s Most Wanted, and seeing life through the lens of an AMW camera gives you a different perspective. Being a part of something that unites families, brings closure, healing, and justice, it pushes you to want to create a difference. I want each project and venture that I take on to create a difference and leave something good behind.

MEGAN OSWALD. I found the passion to help small businesses and difference makers grow, while receiving a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Florida State University. During my senior year of college I got a full time job and spent a decade in management for an ever growing corporate firm. Through college and my time spent in corporate America I have had the chance to have some pretty awesome experiences. I spent a summer putting in Habitat for Humanity hours to help a friend get a home through them. I was able to travel to San Pedro Sula, Honduras and work with some pretty awesome college students who were driven to make an impact on their campus and city. I had the chance to travel to the jungles of Ecuador and help with a week long kids camp. It changes your prospective to spend time with those that you perceive to have so little, but laugh and live like they have it all. Over the last few years I have been able to watch and cheer on friends who have stepped out and taken on entrepreneurial ventures of their own. Through these experiences my drive to BE a difference maker, and CREATE a difference, has only grown.


Difference Created's Mission



Difference Created, LLC strives to help difference makers create a difference. Our goal is that a difference is created by supporting difference makers and being difference makers. The foundation of our business is built on respect, honesty, integrity and empowering others to make a difference in this world.