Who Is Inspiration Created?

Inspiration Created is a passion project of Difference Created. Difference Created was started by two friends who, not only wanted to take control of their future, but want to help small businesses and non-profits build a foundation that their company could thrive and build upon. After helping so many people turn their dreams into something they could see and use, it was time to invest more time in our own dreams. We wanted Difference Created to not only help build the foundations of those who came to work with us, but we wanted to promote and support those organizations near and dear to our hearts. Out of this dream Inspiration Created was born…

We want this to be more than just another online store. WE WANT TO INSPIRE YOU!!

This year will you:

  • Explore more?  Go to the places you have always wanted to see? Visit those friends or family members you have been meaning to visit?
  • Dive deeper into your creative passions? Do you love to paint, take photos, play music, or maybe something more unique to you?
  • Take time out to spread a little more love? Could a friend or loved one use a reminder that someone is thinking of them?
  • Lend your voice or your hands to help someone new? Will you get involved locally? Support organizations making a difference in this world?
  • Make a positive impact on the environment? Take the first step to be more environmentally conscious? Continue your journey to reduce your footprint?
Inspiring YOU this year

Inspiring Travel

We want you to see the world! Whether that is across the state or across the globe, we believe that experiencing new places and new people not only betters your life, but betters the lives of all of those you meet!

Inspiring Creativity

We want you to take all of the crazy awesome talents that you have been given and use them! Don't feel like you have a creative talent? Try something new to see if it could be your thing or support someone who does by buying from them and sharing their story!

Inspiring Love

We love our friends and family and believe in showing love in different ways. You know who else we love? Ourselves! Sometimes we spend so much time loving others that you forget to show yourself a little love and we want to change that.

Inspiring Sustainablity

We all know that the earth, the environment, is important. It is what sustains our lives and allows us to enjoy so many adventures, but how often do we really think about our impact on it? Even the smallest steps can make a larger ripple effect!

Inspiring Change
What this world can always use more of is inspiration to be the best us we can be. We believe that support organizations who are working to bring a positive change to the communities they serve, is a great way to showcase the best of us!

Difference Created’s Mission

Difference Created, LLC strives to help difference makers create a difference. Our goal is that a difference is created by supporting difference makers and being difference makers. Our foundation is built on respect, honesty, integrity and empowering other to make a difference in this world.

We Are Difference Makers

We know how IMPORTANT it is to make a difference in this world. To give hope, encouragement, and spread joy to those who need it. There are a million little ways that we can all do that everyday, but we have selected some projects that each make a difference in a unique way!