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Are you a creator in need of an outlet to sell your products? Join a our team of Inspired Creators!

Inspiration Created is a passion project of Difference Created. Difference Created was started by two friends who, not only wanted to take control of their future, but want to help small businesses and non-profits build a foundation that their company could thrive and build upon. After helping so many people turn their dreams into something they could see and use, it was time to invest more time in our own dreams. We wanted Difference Created to not only help build the foundations of those who came to work with us, but we wanted to promote and support those organizations near and dear to our hearts. Out of this dream Inspiration Created was born…

We want this to be more than just another online store. HELP US INSPIRE OTHERS!

Why Join Us!

We know that there are several market places out there where you can sell your product. But how much attention do you really get and how much time will it take you to get your products online? We know from experience that trying to sell on different marketing places can be time consuming and frustrating. For creators it can take precious time away from your art. Let us provide you with a platform and a community to help you grow!

  • Be Part of A Community!

    Our community is here to support, promote and inspire each other!

  • Work With Us!

    We want to work with you! We have helped small businesses and non-profits grow. We are headed into our 5th year of owning our own business and have over 30 combined years of marketing, media and business experience. We will share our knowledge with you!

  • Give Back Initiative

    Have a non-profit you are passionate about? A portion of sales from our website goes back to non-profits. If you have a non-profit you want to give back to we will add it to our initiative!

  • We Give You Control

    We provide an easy dashboard that shows you what has sold and how much money you have made. We will help you get your product online, but if you want to have that control we can teach you how to manage and add your own product.

  • Inspire Others!

    We want to inspire individual and communities! Our goal is to inspire people to enjoy and create. If you are looking for a community like this, then you have found the right place!

Join Our Inspired Creator Team!

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