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If you have made it to this page welcome to the team! Okay... we know that may be a little premature, but we are excited that you are interested in find out what joining Chalk Couture is all about!

Your life is a work of art unlike any other. Your new business can be, too! At Chalk Couture, we’re changing the walls and halls from drab décor to wonderful wows—we’re the hottest trend in creativity and DIY. 

We hope that you have looked through the FAQ's and watched some of the videos to see just how easy and fun it is to work with the products.

You can let your imagination run wild!

If it is fun and easy, why not do it everyday and why not share the fun with friends, family, or even strangers?

Still not sure Chalk Couture is for you? Well...

Have You Ever Wanted To:

  • Build a business by using your creative talents ?

  • Make extra money by doing what you love ?

  • Replace your full-time income by being creative ?

  • Join a supportive community of people who love to be creative ?

  • Make money creating beautiful work with your friends/family?

  • Find a business your kids could even help with?

Still Have A Few Questions?

YES!!! You do! And its a whopping 40%!!!! FOUR. ZERO. Forty percent! And your discount is given through your back office at the time of purchase. That means no paying retail price and waiting for the commission back. And when you join as a Designer you are given a one time 50% off coupon to use! The coupon arrives in your email on the Tuesday or Wednesday after you sign up, and you get to shop to your heart’s content, all at FIFTY percent off! And your purchase will go towards your personal volume!

Why We Became A Chalk Couture Designer!

Inspiration Created is a passion project of Difference Created. Difference Created was started by two friends who, not only wanted to take control of their future, but want to help small businesses and non-profits build a foundation that their company could thrive and build upon.

After helping so many people turn their dreams into something they could see and use, it was time to invest more time in our own dreams. Out of this dream Inspiration Created was born… WE WANTED TO INSPIRE YOU!!

We found Chalk Couture and we knew that this was going to be the perfect oppurtunity to produce beautiful pieces that we could sell, join a community that would support our creative dreams through ideas and inspiration, and (honestly) help us financially support the dream that we had. And we could not have been more right!!

I Am Ready to Join the Chalk Couture Family!