American Paint Company

Try APC’s Eco-Friendly Paint, Sealer and Finisher Line!

Do you love doing DIY projects, but don’t like the smell of paint, stain and sealers? Maybe you don’t have a outdoor area to work or want a healthier solution. Our friends at American Paint Company understand and we are so excited to share that we now carry their all natural, eco-friendly paints, sealers and finishes!

  • No Odor! Safe To Use Indoors!
  • Safe To Use Around Children, Pets, Elderly and Those With Allergies!
  • No Sanding, Stripping or Priming Necessary! 
  • All Natural! No Toxic Chemicals!
  • Safest and Healthiest Paint and Finishers On The Market!

Simply put, it is a line of amazing paint and sealers let you create the most amazing projects. Check out the entire line of products, including our metallic finishes, DIY Kits, Brushes, Stencils, Knobs and more!

Clay / Chalk / Mineral Based Paint

Looking for an all natural, eco-friendly paint line? We now carry a Clay / Chalk / Mineral Base Paint is a 100% all natural product with no odors, Zero VOCs (toxic chemicals) and contains NO LATEX and NO ACRYLIC like traditional paints.

The key ingredient is Clay which makes the paint thicker. Anyone who tries it love the thicker paint because it covers the furniture well. Plus, the clay paint is easy to work with and distresses nicely. (No chipping or pealing like most latex brands.) 

The paint will adhere to any surface such as wood, brick, plastic, glass, terracotta, fabric and more. And we have over 30 rich and vibrant colors to choose from. 


 Natural Sealers

American Paint Company offers all natural, eco-friendly sealers that do not contain mineral spirits or other harmful and toxic chemicals.

These sealers are famous within the industry for their ease of use and durability, while maintaining the clean and healthy aspect. All of these sealers can be used while working indoors. We have several different options:

  • Top Coat for a more durable, smooth finish for items staying indoors.
  • Hard Coat has a a UV rating, this sealer will hold up outside.
  • Vintage Antiquing Wax creates a matte finish on your fine furniture and comes in 4 different colors. 
  • Surface Prep and Brush Cleaner to clean surface, so that your paint can adhere to the surface of your project or take care of your brushes once a project is done!