Eco-Friendly Finishers - Glaze Finish

American Paint Company

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The glaze creates a decorative finish, create a ‘stain’ like look, and add detail to your painted furniture piece. Glaze is a highly versatile and highly concentrated waterborne Glaze.

Completely all-natural, there’s no need to worry about offensive odors while using Glaze indoors. It’s best to apply Glaze over APC’s Top Coat sealer. Putting down the Top Coat first prevents the Glaze from soaking into the furniture too quickly. The Top Coat acts as a barrier and lets you have more control when applying the Glaze.

We try to keep everything in stock and ready to ship. Please allow 7 business days to receive the sealer. 

If the APC product you need is out of stock please use the chat box below. We can order the product for you it will just take an extra 7-10 business days to get to you. If you are interested in a custom piece please contact us. We would LOVE the chance to create something amazing with you!

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