Eco-Friendly Sealer - Vintage Antiquing Wax

American Paint Company

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Vintage Antiquing Wax is loved by chalk paint users all over North America. The wax is soft and goes on like butter, and is completely safe and all-natural. It is not petroleum based, contains no toxic chemicals or mineral spirits, and has no offensive odors.

Vintage Antiquing Wax comes in 4 different colors to seal your project including Clear Wax, Dark Wax, White Wax and Black Wax. This wax is easy to apply and creates a matte finish. We try to keep everything in stock and ready to ship.

Please allow 7 business days to receive the sealer.  If the APC product you need is out of stock please use the chat box below. We can order the product for you it will just take an extra 7-10 business days to get to you. If you are interested in a custom piece please contact us. We would LOVE the chance to create something amazing with you!

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